Learning InDesign CS3

Well who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Or an old horse for that matter.
My job requires I learn something new in addition to Adobe Photoshop. My brain feels like it has turned to swiss cheese at my age. However this isn't bad for my very first document. I was just playing around and I came up with this layout.

Beau gets his "walkin" shoes

Beau seems just tickled to try out these "Old Mac horse boots". Now he can walk on gravel and not wince in pain like he has in the past. Being barefoot has it's rewards for sure but some trails are impossible for us to go on without these. We hope never to go
back to the traditional steel horse shoe. Beau has very healthy feet now by going natural.
Of course these boots were borrowed. Hopefully I can find a gently used pair to purchase since they are so expensive. Beau's Equine Podiatrist was nice enough to loan these to me and explain how they are to be put on properly. Beau was very patient about letting me put them on so I don't forsee any problems with him wearing them at all.

Bog Spavin / Swollen Hock

Beau has had this swollen hock for a while now. X-rays were taken,he's been on Bute and is now on a joint supplement that is too darn expensive called Cosequin ASU. I think the ASU stand for Avocado, Soybeans and not sure what the "U" is for.
"U" stupid for paying that much I guess is what it means.
He is not lame but this "blemish" as the vet calls it may be permanent. The photo actually looks worse that it does in person, and it can vary in size from time to time.
But it's swollen just the same. You can feel the fluid by pushing in and out with your finger. Doesn't seem to bother him, at least not yet anyway.
Would love to find another alternative to getting this nasty looking thing down. It has been suggested to try Adequan shots on a monthly basis. It would be cheaper in the long run but I can't see me giving Beau shots. He is ridable and I do make him wear a sort of "sports wrap" after a trail ride filled with ice. It's made by ICE HORSE and works nicely to get the heat out.

Joyce takes a tumble off Beau

Well it had to happen, I was due I guess. Not paying attention, stressed out with too much on my mind.
I didn't have a good seat and I think I knew that from the start. We were in a light canter, no big deal, Beau
and I have done it hundreds of times. Soon as I started coming out of the saddle I knew it was too late to pull myself back.
Should have paid more attention to Beau's ears, ( always a good indication he is about to spook.)
Normally when he spooks he goes sideways like a crab. This time he throws on all four brakes and comes to a dead halt.
Up & over I go. Next thing I know am on the ground looking up at Beau licking his lips wondering why
his Mom is lying on the ground. He stayed though, didn't run away and waited for me to to get back in the saddle.
What a sweet boy. Went back later to see what he got all flustered about that led him to dump his rider.
Yep, there was a deer or something in the bushes, ( heard the leaves rustling ) because the second time we went by he did the sideways crab step.
I decided I can't take many falls like that. Boy did that hurt. I felt like someone took a two by four and whacked me
in the middle of my back. I think I may get a protective riding vest like this one shown. Good thing I had a helmet on.
People who ride without protective gear will feel the pain someday, I just did. This was not a fast ride, something we
do routinely. I was shocked and in disbelief as I felt myself falling. At least I got the first fall out of the way. Long as I
haven't done permanent damage I can look at this as a warning. I have renewed respect for riding a horse now, ( they are dangerous. )
Even if I see Beau as "My Little Love Muffin" he could really hurt me if I am not having a good day or paying attention. Another thing is that I should ALWAYS play my "Parelli Friendly Games" with him before I put the saddle on, which I did. There is no
guarantee even with that you are not going to land on your ass. It does help though. I took him out the day after the fall and didn't play "Friendly Games." Beau was very high strung and quite scared of his own shadow. It was late evening with lots of shadows and plenty of deer out. Not the best time to plan a ride. Beau senses when I am worried or stressed. I can't be his leader and make him feel protected when I get like that. So from now on it would be better not to ride when I am feeling rushed, under the weather or worried. Just hang out with him and give him a belly rub and treats instead.
Finally, a way out of town for Beau & me.
Just bought this used trailer in West Va.
It's a fixer upper but the price was right.